10 thousand years of account that is on 1 minute!

10 thousand years of account that is on 1 minute! US multinational companies Hanwell announced to bring strong quantum computers than Google and IBM. This organization was known for the Thermostat for the long. The type of feature of Haniwell is about to finish the 10th year with 10 minutes of the minimum of the minute. In October last year, Google told the construction of the Quantum computer. Google's claims, their computer can do 10 hours of account at less than two minutes. Haniwell announced, Google will be able to exceed IBM, their computer will be the most powerful accounting instrument of the world. Technology is not blowing Hanawel Declaration. Walletur Quantum Computing Institute's cooperation Michelle Moska said to a technology website called Caniadi, who is a difficult task to leave IBM. But Haniwell is a serious system of some human syringes. They are not saying this year after three years or more. Just gave up for three months. I have respect to them. I do not even sleep. Hanawell started working with Quantum Computer and decade ago. They did not know anything so long. The fundamental unit of Quantum Computer is called Cubbs. To use it, Haniwell is using tapped-ion or charged atomic technology. This technology is not as advanced than IBM or Google. But Haniwell says, after exposing our computer will be the most powerful computer in the world. Quantum Volume will be at least 64. Which doubles the other company In January, IBM informed that 53-QUUKU quantum computers reached their volume 32.