Additional benefits to the siblings for work at home

Many have begun working from home to work due to the infection of coronavirus (Covid-1).  The messaging app has added an added benefit for employees to continue their day-to-day work at home.  The company recently said it would increase the number of participants in the Viber group call to double.  According to the new facility, 20 people can now attend the call together.

 Experts advise not to go to the big gathering to be safe from Corona.  Large companies are more likely to work in group calls online to avoid risk.  So more people have to be added to a call.

 "It's good not to go to the big gathering during these adverse times," said Ofher Yal, CEO of Vibor.  Viber is working to connect everyone through the group.  Many people are conducting their activities remotely due to coronavirus infection.  The vibe is adding extra benefits for people to be able to connect with their loved ones in a safe and secure environment and manage their daily activities.

 According to a Viber notification, up to 25 MB files can now be shared directly through this app.  Users can easily share links to Viber Chat Cloud Services for large file sharing.  The desktop version of Viber also supports chat and group calling.