Artificial intelligence in the treatment of corona

China's national health commission included City Quantification as 'Clinical Diagnosis Standard' in the identity of the people of the Evamilia. In this case, the Health examination has been started in China's Hubei province recently in diagnosing and treating. After the spread of Kold-19, China's Hujong Bengal science and technology company, who started working with Chinese and economic products, including China's Higayn Genes and Technology, and working with Lanoon Technology to improve the quantitative medical image analysis service in the diagnosis and treatment. The whole process is used in artificial intelligence or AI. In a notification, Huawei said that one of the most effective methods of recognizing and danger-based people, the 'Cup Quantification' is that the help of the effective evaluation of the diagnosis and disease conditions. Huawei Cloud has evaluate multiple potimonary ground glasses of the Valus and Girl Glass Gastle OPCSIT (SGO-S) and the patient's lungi 'report' in the victims of the Picture Patmonary Ground Glass Gastle (CGO-S) and the patient's 'citi'. It is also said in the notification that the identification of the hospital is registered with artificial intelligence. As well as AI can make multiple health exams in the short period of quality and analyzing information, which helps the patient to give the right treatment on the basis of proper evaluation of the disease. Huawei says, after the inauguration of 'coped -19', many lamps that have been caused by lungs and the rapid changes in that wounds are needed to do the same test within a short time. As well as repeatedly, the lung image needs to be reviewed. As a result, the work of imaging doctors has increased significantly. But the big news is that, in the imaging doctors who are perfectly diagnosed to diagnose 'Kolid-19' and the amount of disease, and the number of their numbers is not adequate. Huwai Cloud, Honga Cloud, working with the development and economic medical analysis of the quantity of the Kald -19 'and in the development of quantities-based image analysis services in the development and treatment of the Koad -19' and the treatment of the Koad -19 'and the treatment of Hojoj Claudes. Like the use of Horizo Cloud's artificial intelligence technology, like the use of Computer Vision and Medical Image, they are automatically publishing, the properly appropriately, and the quote of the Queenfilation 'results in the image. It was removed that the efficient imaging doctor's supervision was done. Huawei says that this new service of Huawei Cloud will be used to provide the quantities of any sample in a few seconds of the Ai Chip of Aua Chip, a few sides.