Calling the Google Duo group can say up to 12 people

Calling the Google Duo group can say up to 12 people
Calling the Google Duo group can say up to 12 people

From now on, the group call of the Google Duo Chat app will be attended by 12 people.  Earlier, a maximum of eight users could join a group call in Duo.

 The new update from Google Duo will help more people connect and maintain social distance.  Shanez Ahari Lemelson, senior director of product management at Google, confirmed the matter on Friday.  - News from Indian media, IANS.

 "Duo is helping users around the world connect with loved ones.  At this point we understand the importance of group calling.  We have increased the number of participants in group calling from eight to 12 today.  More to come. "  - said Lamelson.

 Note that in group chat, you can talk to up to 12 people on Apple's FaceTime together, 5 on Skype and 4 on the free version of Zoom.  And through the HouseParty app, up to eight people can speak in group calls.

 According to data from mobile app analytics company App Annie, the Coronavirus app has recently become very popular in reality.  HouseParty has risen from number one in the New Zealand rankings to six in six days.  As a result, Google Duo has increased the number of subscribers by up to 12, but still lags behind other similar services.

 Although the facility is currently available, it is not clear whether the duo call participant will be recaptured again after all is well.

 Meanwhile, Google has recently increased the number of its G Suite and G Suite subscriber subscribers to 25.