Corona panics NASA, calls on staff to work from home

Coronavirus is spreading in the United States like any other country in the world.  More than 4,000 patients with coronavirus have been identified in this country.  The number of people infected with the virus has dropped to six.  That's why Corona's terror has spread in the country.  Even NASA, the epicenter of aerospace research, is terrified.  That's why NASA chief Jim Bridestai called on NASA staff to work from home.

 Corona was reported at three NASA space centers.  Last week, an employee of NASA's Ames Research Center was infected with the virus.  Work staff home has been provided to all the staff of the center.  The US space research agency, NASA's two employees were found coronas, now there is a terror.  According to news agency sources, two researchers working at two NASA centers have been instructed by staff to 'work at home' to pull the rush of infection soon after the test results have come positive.

 NASA Director Jim Bridenstein said there was no news of an attack anywhere except these two centers.  As a result, they can work at their centers.  In Jim's words, we're calling it 'Stage Three'.  In this situation NASA employees will have to work from the telecommunications or from home.  The staff can take home all the necessary equipment for this.

 Meanwhile, the United States has begun experimental application of lethal coronavirus antibodies.  Excerpt from National Institutes of Health in the United States.  The vaccine will be applied to 4 patients with coronary disease at an early stage.  After this the patient will have a change in the body and whether there are any side effects of the drug, the next decision will be taken after checking.