Coronavirus: Microsoft is closing the store

Microsoft has decided to close its retail outlets worldwide.  The software giant said it was determined to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

 Microsoft has also sent an email to customers about the issue.  The email states, "We have decided to close the Microsoft Store to help employees and consumers' health and safety."  In this unprecedented time we can provide the highest level of service to you without reducing the risk of a single virus infection. "  - News technology site Engadget.

 Microsoft is not keeping employees' salaries off retail stores.  The regular worker who gets paid for the hourly work will be paid for the hours worked.  While other technology companies have set deadlines to close their retail stores or offices, Microsoft has not done so.

 Microsoft, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube have joined forces to fight the coronavirus.  In a joint statement released by Microsoft, the companies said they were all working to keep the community "healthy and secure".