Facebook Bug: Unseen Trusted Coronavirus Post

The Coronavirus post from a trusted source has also been identified as spam by a Facebook bug.  Guy Rosen, head of Facebook security, confirmed the news on Tuesday.

 Not just Facebook, Photosharing App Instagram has also been shown to cause problems due to the same bug.  Reuters reports that users of the two platforms have complained.

 "This is a bug in the anti-spam system, not linked to any change in our content moderator workforce."  - Guy Rosen, vice president of Facebook's precision department, said on Twitter.  He added, "The posts that were removed in error have been restored, including posts on all topics - not just quid-1 posts."

 "The automated system used to delete links to non-trusted websites, but it accidentally deleted many other posts."  - Rosen said.  Several screenshots shared by Facebook users have surfaced, with reliable media outlets such as Axios and The Atlantic reporting that Facebook's community policies were violated.

 The day before the incident, Facebook had reportedly been working with contractual service providers as part of sending all content reviewers home indefinitely due to coronavirus.  The company said, "We may need longer to respond and as a result will be more wrong."