Google Advice on Corona Preventio

Google Advice on Corona Prevention
Google Advice on Corona Prevention

Coronavirus is the epidemic of pandemics around the world.  The virus has killed more than 6,000 people so far.  The number of people affected is constantly increasing.  Popular search engine Google has given people five simple tips to get rid of Corona.  Recently, Google authorities suggested five simple things to do in a tweet message. 

1 Wash hands frequently.  Keep your hand as low as possible.  When sneezing or coughing, fold the elbow and cover with the front of your mouth.  The chances of others being infected will be somewhat less.  Avoid putting your hand in your mouth.  Keep the foot at least 3 feet away from the other.  If you feel ill, do not go out of your home under any circumstances.  Google believes that compliance with these factors will help to prevent coronavirus.

 In addition to suggestions, Google is building a special website for coronavirus testing.  You can check your own coronavirus by entering this website.  Donald Trump has praised Google for its efforts to combat coronavirus.  He thanked Google, saying that Google authorities made it a reliable place to test for health problems in combating coronavirus outbreaks.  Google has many engineers working on the project, and their success will be written in gold in the history of the world.

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