How Alibaba-Shaomi-Oppo is helping in Coroner's time

 Corona is shaking in panic around the world.  The virus is the worst hit in Europe after China.  More than ten thousand people have been affected in the area.  It has also spread to other countries.  All countries are trying to deal with Corona.
 Companies like Alibaba, Shaomi and Opo are coming forward to fight Corona.  They are distributing masks in different countries.  Institutions are also sending coronary examination kits to the country.  The company is also donating medical equipment and funding.

 Opo is sending 3 million masks to Italy, France, Japan, Spain and Germany.  Apo's competing smartphone maker Shaomi sends an FFP-3 mask to the Italian Civil Protection Department.  However, it was not known what amount was sent.

 Last Friday, China's billionaire and Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma announced he would distribute 2 million masks across Europe.  He also announced that he would help the United States.  In the United States, he will send five million Corona test kits and one million masks.

 Chinese tech companies are also quick to help when coronavirus outbreaks spread rapidly.  Many organizations provide many medical equipment.  They help the Chinese government with software, robots and even drone services.  And this time the virus has started to spread all over the world, they have extended a helping hand all over the world.