Teaching online: Apple is with US teachers

Coronavirus is actually taking many online teachers online.  Many people are experiencing problems due to lack of access.  Apple has extended a helping hand to teachers over the whole issue.

 The US tech giant is known for offering free mentoring services in the context of 'online tuition' to US teachers.  - News US USA Today.

 Teaching online and clearing themselves of current circumstances, says fourth-grader Sammy Rabandot, of Jackson County, Michigan, who says, "Our schools have enough education material, but we couldn't bring it home.  Many teachers need patience and understanding.  Many of them do not know what is really needed or what is in their hands. "

 Not only Rabindot, many other teachers have experienced the same problem.  And so Apple has put its 'education specialist' on the ground to solve the problem.  More than 100 education staff of the institute are working to prepare the virtual coaching process by talking to one teacher individually.

 "We are told to help with resources rather than teaching anything specific."  But the problem remains.  "Students are connecting through different devices, including computers, tablets, phones", so having to keep in mind when giving a piece of equipment, it can run on all devices or web-based platforms.  Again, not all teachers are so skilled at technology.  - explained by Rabindot.

 Apple has been arranging virtual sessions after sending mail to 'Apple Professional Learning' for problems getting Apple support.  If you have trouble sending mail, this can also be done through a phone call.  Experts are working to keep teachers' barriers in mind.

 Apple collected and released a video on Tuesday, answering the questions that are most likely to come to the Apple team from teachers.  Videos can help teachers solve many problems.