There are many alternatives to Google and Facebook

If you want to find something in the net world, just Google?  Just one profile on Facebook?  And e-mail still only understand Gmail?  Then a great world of the net world remains in you.  Because Google Facebook also has options.  Faisal Abdullah reports

 But they know who your friends are, who they talk to, what they like to eat, where they are going and where they come from.  They also said again, don't tell anyone your personal information.  Of course, even if they say something in the face, you won't understand it.  Who are they  Your most popular Facebook and Google.  Your every search, every post, like, message, comment on the fingernail.  Those who want to take your personal life can write a few volumes of autobiography!

 Not long ago, a political advisory called Cambridge Analytica was accused of misusing people's personal information.  Facebook will be fined $ 100 million for working hand-in-hand with the company.  If this is the case, then the way?  There are options.  Instead of giving up everything you have in the hands of a large organization, you can choose some companies that will not do what you want with your personal information.  Because small companies do not have the ability to pay billions of dollars in fines.

 There are countless alternatives to Facebook.  However, the small popular site is the social site Io  This site will not hand over your information to advertisers as Facebook buys consumer.  It has a 'blockchain' system.  So your profile will not be able to infect any unwanted virus.  Beyond this you will get all the options like messenger and wall post on this media.

 There are sites like ''.  Its popularity is increasing day by day.  Basically, those who are involved in one of the art forms create a profile here.  This social networking site is all about drawing pictures, graphics design, movies.

 There are more minds of different minds (  Profiles, timelines, pictures, message exchanges - it's all there.  However, it is an open-source code site.  That means its codes are open.  It encourages you to do your own basic blogging.  MeWe is an app.  There will also be personal privacy.  You can also use social media like vero and diaspora.

 On the other hand, there is no less than Google.  Occasionally, news of Google's billions of dollars has been reported in foreign media.  Whatever the organization may say in its own right, there is no barrier to using alternatives?  There is 'DuckDuckGo'.  The site was created by Gabriel Weinberg.  The site came from the idea that spammers might not crowd out search results.  The site is now searching for information five billion times a day.  Your search or any other information on this site will not be submitted.  You will get the results you are looking for.  It will not show the advertised site with your preferred product in mind.

 Andy Yen, founder of ProtonMail
 'People want privacy in the services they use online.  And for that they want a simple technology.  DakDakgo Search collects results from various sources.  And so it is easy to present relevant information.  It does not require the user's search history or profile information to be stored. ”Said Daniel Davis, the site's communications manager.

 Another feature of the site is that the ad is displayed but does not use the information stored on the user's PC or laptop.

 For the same reason, you can use 'Firefox' or 'Brave' as an alternative to Chrome.  Brave is a relatively new browser.  Even then it has monthly users of 1 million.  The browser is gaining popularity for those who care about the security of personal information.  It turns out they are using 'protonmail' instead of Gmail.  Free e-mail service subscribers but two crore!  Because that's the one - privacy.  E-mails that are sent to and from ProtonMail are encrypted.  That means the ProtonMail staff won't even know what's in it before you reach the person you mailed.