WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Mode
WhatsApp Dark Mode

One of the most popular platforms for communication around the world is WhatsApp, the add-on Dark Mode.  WhatsApp will be available to every Android and iOS users worldwide.  Updating WhatsApp is a popular feature.  In the meantime, many users have gone through the WhatsApp update through the Dark mode.

 To get WhatsApp Dark Mode updates on Android phones, first update WhatsApp on the Google Play Store.  If there is no update option, you may need to wait for some time.  Go to Android WhatsApp Settings and click on Display Brightness option.  This is where you will see the Dark mode option.  Still those who are using Android Nine, first have to go to WhatsApp settings, then click chat, then go to Theme option and select Dark mode option.

 IOS 7 users will get the latest WhatsApp updates on the iPhone.  After making the latest update on the App Store, go to Phone settings and tap on Dark mode in the Display Brightness option.
 Using the Dark mode will ease the eyes.  WhatsApp authorities say the Dark Mode saves the phone's battery.  It has been tested several times before the Dark mode is exposed, causing various eye pain and eye problems while the display is white.  Which in this case is very less likely in the Dark mode.  Daytime screen brightness can be reduced very easily.

 According to technology experts, the Dark Mode theme helps to keep the charge of the smartphone longer than other themes.  Apart from this, the pressure on the eyes due to looking at the phone for a long time, and this feature greatly reduces.  This dark mode also helps to reduce the pressure on the RAM of the smartphone.

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