Zooming the app, Facebook will not get data

Zooming the app, Facebook will not get data
Zooming the app, Facebook will not get data

Zoom's iOS app was secretly sending subscribers information to Facebook.  The app's creator has stopped sending information to Facebook after updating the app.

 Indian media reported in a report to IANS that the company plans to remove the 'responsible' software development kit (SDK) from its iOS app in the latest update.  The app sends various data through the 'Login with Facebook' feature with the SDK.

 "We used Facebook's SDK in the 'Login with Facebook' feature," the company's spokeswoman said in a statement to the tech site Mac Reuters on Saturday.  Our goal was to give users access to the platform in alternative convenient ways.  We recently learned that unnecessary device data is being collected through the Facebook SDK. "

 He added.  "Zoom emphasizes the privacy of consumers.

"We are deleting the Facebook SDK and re-configuring the feature so that users can login via Facebook through the browser.  Users need to update the app to get the latest version and we urge them to do so. "

 Data collected includes when customers are launching the app, what type of device they are using, where they are staying, their mobile service provider and unique advertising data.  This type of data is used to create targeted ads.

 Many people are now home and working from home because of the coronavirus epidemic.  In the meantime the video conferencing app has become quite popular in the field of work and other social media.

  •  Zoom also offers several offers for teachers, students and those working from home.