Facebook is bringing apps just for broadcasting games

Facebook is bringing apps just for broadcasting games
Facebook is bringing apps just for broadcasting games

If you are not addicted to video games, you may be surprised to know that there are many video clips on YouTube that are videos of other games.  There are a lot of spectators who are satisfied just watching other people's game without playing it themselves.  You will also find clips of all such video games on the streaming site Twitch.

 Facebook has decided that they will bring an app, not a site, which will only stream games and that app is coming on Monday.  In the beginning, this 'Facebook gaming app' is coming only for Android devices.

 A report in the New York Times on Sunday states that the app will soon be available for iOS users as well.  Apple's approval is required to do the job first.  The company is currently promoting its own cloud-based gaming platform.

 Users will be introduced to the new 'Go Live' feature through the app.  With that feature, users can upload game streams to mobile devices with just a few clicks.

 “Investing in games has been a priority for us since we saw it as an entertainment medium that connects people.  It's not a form of entertainment that is limited to indirect suffering, on the contrary it is creating communication and bringing people together. "  - says Fiji Simo, head of the Facebook gaming app.

 In the beginning, the Facebook gaming app will start its journey through some traditional games.  The primary focus will be on creating and showing the game's livestream.  In the beginning there will be no advertisement.

 According to a New York Times report, the service will depend on the ‘star’ rating system received from viewers.

 Some versions of the app have been tested by Facebook in Latin America and Southeast Asia over the past 18 months.