Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review

Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review
Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review


Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price in USA started 539 doller
Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price in India started 27240 rupees
Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price in Europe started 499 euro
Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price in Bangladesh started 49000


Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review
Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review

The oppo Reno three Pro has a beautiful gradient on the back that really catches the lights. It's made of glossy polycarbonate on the back and sides and it has a gorilla glass five on the front.

On the bottom you'll find a downward facing speaker a USBC port and a headphone jack. It's a comfortable hold and due to its materials it's surprisingly liked the optical fingerprint reader is fast, reliable and accurate 90% of the time. So getting into the phone is no issue and it's in your hand.

Buttons are clicky and one handed use isn't too difficult, although the phone is a bit top heavy which might be annoying for some camera bump on the back might also be annoying because it sticks out, it means the phone will definitely wobble if it's on a desk.

On the front you'll find slim bezels, or razor thin earpiece in the small double bowl function, upper left corner that eats up quite a bit of real estate, honestly more phones who just haven't centred and as far as possible. Now, the screen itself is a high quality super amyloid panel with a full HD resolution and a nice pixel density of 105 ppi. The panel goes exceptionally high maximum brightness and can get 522 minutes in manual mode and up to a crazy 892 minutes in auto mode. So my eligibility on the Rena three Pro is fantastic colour accuracy isn't quite as amazing. Though it's undergone some colour calibration before shipping whites and greys are bluish and the phone doesn't offer many options in terms of colour presets, the Rena three pro uses a MediaTek p 95 chipset and eight gigs of RAM performs about as well as the Samsung Galaxy A 71, and you know 10 and multiple tasks and falls a bit behind in some single core tasks. In other words, it should be great for day to day performance, but heavier games might slow it down.

Now, as far as battery life goes with the Rena three pro got an excellent 104 hours of endurance thanks to the 4020 $5 million dollar battery and power efficient chipset. The 30 watt book flash charging is just as good and you can get a full charge in an hour and 12 minutes for 67% and half an hour.

The single bottom firing speaker had good loudness and a reason test. It was lacking in terms of bass but vocals are good and it's more than adequate for its price

Rena three Pro is one of Oprah's first phones to launch with colour West seven on top of Android 10, it's far from a stock Android skin, so if that's what you're looking for iOS to play with this one. still menu appreciate all its options. Afterwards, change like beam and change the icon styles. There's a dark mode too which allow for even better battery life. You can also just have app animations. One of the nicest choices to have is what sort of navigation for. Here's a classic navigation buttons standard Android can gestures and open his own swipe up gestures, which require slightly less finger domestics.

Perhaps one of the smartest additions of pillar lessons the auto switch to your receiver gesture.

If you've got headphones or a speaker connected to the phone and you get a call, usually the call goes straight to the audio device with a gesture you can pick up the phone but it goes to the year and the phone will automatically switch the call from your Bluetooth device to the unit.

Camera Review:

Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review
Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review

Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review
Oppo Reno 3 Pro Price and Review

In terms of cameras and that really has all the essential things to it.

Here's a standard 64 megapixel quad view your main camera and a wide lens up 13 megapixel cool photo sensor photo shot during the day look excellent. We're impressed with the dynamic range and we like the machine but not oversaturated killers. Details excellent there's practically no noise and contrast is great. The Ultra right camera captures good daylight shots to the level of detail is lower than the main canons. The colours were more saturated and the dynamic range was less impressive. The lens correction, however, is great, the telephoto camera also had the detail sharpness contrast and good dynamic range. As you can see that oh boy in the stripin night with a camera situation.

There's an even sharpness in some areas too are better. There's a lot more.

As for the telephoto it's the same situation as the maintain. There's general softness in noisy patches and decent resolve detail

to use a main camera and crop the image, rather than use a telephoto turn on the night mode and things get worse with even more softness, the Rena three pro also has an ultra night mode that's triggered in exceptionally dark environments, here it does make a difference if you're faced with a nearly pitch dark scene, you'll find it useful.

When it comes to portraits edge detection wasn't stellar but you still got the dynamic range nice contrast and that was pretty good With more challenging backgrounds, broken record video.

Though the saturated offers a little left. And we also spotted some noise in uniform areas on trust and dynamic range are very good. You can't report videos with the ultra wide and telephoto cameras. So if you use a two times button, you'll be recording a crop split.

There's no IE is 4k but you can tap in the ultra city icon which is some extreme croppings where you shakiness. The result was impressively fluid. Aside from some awesome detail. There's also an ultra steady Pro mode which uses the camera instead of the main camp colours or puncher and contrast is a bit higher, and the pubic view is wider stabilisation isn't quite as good, three to three Pro has the world's first 24 megapixel dual punchable camera main front cam is the 44 megapixel snapper although strangely enough, the software uses 20 megapixels instead of the full three for the second camera is a two megapixel sensor so we expected to get some weekend consultants photos were detailed and you can expect natural skin tones punchy colours and a wide dynamic range. That said, when you switch to portrait mode and edit attention isn't stellar and the generic range gets noticeably worse. A little bit of easily consider the camera out and love to have more screen on the front of the phone selfies also have a night mode that seems to be more than adequate pictures are a little softer but you can take photos in quite dim conditions.