Samsung is giving smartphone to quarantine patients

Samsung is giving smartphone to quarantine patients
Samsung is giving smartphone to quarantine patients

Samsung, like other tech companies, has joined the fight against coronavirus.  The company is donating smartphones and tablets in addition to funds, medicines, face masks, etc.

 South Korean electronics giant is giving smartphone to coronavirus victims in Quarantine.  And tablets are being donated to educational institutions.  - News technology site senate.

 "We are giving smartphones to patients in Quarantine so they can stay connected with friends and family, in addition to providing air purification and other supplies to hospitals and quarantine centers."  - Samsung said in a statement Wednesday.

 "We are giving tablets to educational institutions so that children can continue learning outside the classroom."  - The company mentioned in the statement.  Samsung has donated $ 20 million in financial and content support in the past, the company said.

 The global technology industry has changed because of the coronavirus infection.  Many organizations are shutting down their offices and shops for health reasons.  Traditional business activities, business trips have stopped;  Global supply chains are also being disrupted.

 Samsung had to shut down a South Korean factory for a short time in reality and Coronavirus had to shut down all its own stores.  Samsung has mandated temperature measurement and health tests for all employees.  Every day, the company has begun to cleanse everything deeply.

 At present, Samsung's engineer team has been involved with other South Korean engineers to create a face mask.  They are helping to increase production by improving the production process and factory draft.  - Samsung said.

 "Due to our efforts, the daily production of one of such companies has doubled."  - said Samsung.