Vivo Y91c Price and Review

Vivo Y91c Price and Review
Vivo Y91c Price and Review


Vivo Y91c Price in USA started 110 doller
Vivo Y91c Price in India started 8199 rupees
Vivo Y91c Price in Bangladesh started 10990 taka 
Vivo Y91c Price Europe started 104 euro


Vivo Y91c Price and Review
Vivo Y91c Price and Review

Those are available in similar physical stores and we will add them on our retailers measure most convenient numbers has happened kakuni billing online, and the carriers that they have issues with 32 gigabytes of internal storage, which we all know is quite disappointing already. Since you might have budget phones nanometre bias. This year, and these various Sinhala is the Giga Korea to two Giga RAM and manga go on admit that. And anyway let's see on this unboxing and quick review.

Of course. Upon opening the box you can see here that it has a small box around the will eat a lamb. Good Nadia, and Samantha jelly case. So be free janicki style and nostalgia. As expected, and you also have the vivo quick start guide and also of course we have the phone itself but before the phone, let's dig deeper, and let's see one America some accessories. So, we have here you have big fun dot this SIM card ejector, and we also have a micro USB key but as expected demand kapag budget for unusually couple graduates for telega micro USB key volume Kasama and let's see we have here the power brick, and this is not a hard charger one solid issue and the power brick sama sama budget.

Vivo Y91c Price and Review
Vivo Y91c Price and Review

Wow. So this is how the me.

Wow, this is how I do and she looks like the one colour palette shakalaka plain black lamb as well as not all four but then again I'm pulling on here is fusion labs a parent company shown them colour so we have your partner blank abandon a barbell, and then we have a blue nap by the things of about 30 feet in the shot. And then as you can see maritime single camera Let me push into our camera, and you have your the LED flash and the vivo logo and it anyway why are the people why 91 z is setting up a set of non adventure guys mega mega Gollum, of course, and you said that nothing of luck to man man but I do think American civilization fingerprint scanner being one of the integration aspects. I land on yo mala and of course the vivo wind I do and see has six point 22 inch HD plus IPS display with 1520 by 720 pixels, has the media like hell up 22, with two gigs of RAM and 32 gigabytes of internal storage that has the Android 8.1 Oreo with font such as 4.5. Lastly, it has 4030 milliamp hour battery capacity. Now I know you guys heard all of those specs of course he did discuss napping and later on. But before that time in a doing another new phone. Look at how cool it is so but um, and then on progress younger than a quarter output yet anyway discuss net net then later on I had video column kind of overall, or with the legal wavelength, you will see the bulk of the fall of course you can see a single camera only and it has 38 megapixel with LED flash on the lower part. And then we have your use the usual vivo logo and and to one colour shot, blue and misdemeanour, of course, you love Pharaoh mentioned a few features, but then get now. And then on the right side of the phone you can see that we have here the volume rockers, and then sailing on maritime power and both on and then on the left side of course you will find the SIM card. Three. And then on top

guy. And then on the lower part of the phone Of course we have the issue of the brain per millimetre audio for the microphone a micro USB port and the speaker. Well sadly speaking while a fingerprint scanner compared to the either budget goes over best me on the Oppo a five s, and the real me theme and fingerprint scanner compared to the other budget phones in MOBAs like the offer a five x and their Yogi Berra misses on luxury soulless ego responsive Bhatia, and Amina shopper is priced at 6500. Okay, so first day.

In fairness oh he didn't even

know I love going out into New York, and actually they impressed the hawk I had papaya no guessing as Ebola fingerprint scanner at the box opening a confirmation that's an hour long fingerprint scanner and not that bad actually and for a 6500 versus no pressure novel molecular model. Now it's time to finally try the front camera of this phone let's try the video for vlogging I said, 6500 now Billiken foldable cinema glass blood thing in that dead Cooper sock shop for that case like this he didn't have enough where do where do you believe this is actually Ellen Cooper oh yeah for our summer beanie because it's supposed to be video video.

Vivo Y91c Price and Review
Vivo Y91c Price and Review

It's quite so grandpa's, right.

So this is my natural light, and then your own guideline. Your whole life.

And then difference now mirroring like that.

So now within a minute they're gonna do, comparing with rim light and without regolith and Nikita noona Polly's incredible, they're back home by again Don't forget that your output cup and light blue lights aka they actually measure mechanically mechanical support, every light. Measure disappointing your opponent actually weathering light man and this applies now for worth more in Canada.

Happy Sophie shots, very diverse and yes I do. But I don't like lab su capturing per se measure Mata Galicia McGrath is like you have to wait for like the samples after clicking the captured cache. like in LS maga you don't really you calabasa an enemy even for snare like Mr macdaniel shadow Yeah, so no problem. So that is quite a bummer. But anyway, it random and afternoon gaming so I'll be playing mobile legends and by Peter was a Yo, and they let you know guys complain about the bushes and good luck go smooth, Russia

gaming performance, we will. Why 91 z and so far what no no no the problem actually smooth kind of TV show going on cosmos, if we will be comparing it to the other entry level pacifier universe this year like the real me and be all for a bit. It's against No wonder for a review or for a purpose, and they are you know go to you Mr sabich or verify and Pioneer guys, your mobile legends for especially for high settings, okay Shapiro in the shower like perfect for the battery I think advantage on phone associates it has 4000 milliamp hour battery capacity and for a budget for every budget.

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