Weather App Dark Sky Buy Apple

Weather App Dark Sky Buy Apple
Weather App Dark Sky Buy Apple

Technology giant Apple acquired the popular weather app Dark Sky.  The Android and Wire OS versions of the app are shutting down in July.  So far no organization has disclosed the terms of the contract.

 Dark Sky says current users and registered customers of the app will receive the service by July 5.  After that the app will be closed.  At that time, active registered customers will be given refunds, according to IANS.

 The Dark Sky app is called the "Hyperlocal" weather prediction app.  The App Store's description says, "DarkSky is the perfect source for knowing about the weather. You can get precision every minute of it for exactly where you stand. It's magic!"

 More than 1 million downloads of Dark Sky's Android app on Google Playstore.

 In a statement on Tuesday, Dark Sky co-founder Adam Grozman said, "Our goal has always been to give the world the best possible information on the weather, to keep customers as dry and safe as possible, and to do so so that our privacy is protected."

 “There is no better place than Apple to meet that goal.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to make even more impact to more people, which we could never do alone, ”added Grossman.

 No changes will be made to the Dark Sky iOS app anymore.  Customers can still buy it from the App Store.

 It has also been reported that Dark Sky's website will be enabled to support API and iOS app customers.

 "There is nothing changing today for our API service customers, but we will not be taking any new signups," said Groseman.  The API will work until the end of 2021. ”