Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review


Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price in USA started 700
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price in India started 51190 rupees
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price in Europe started 630 euro
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price in Bangladesh started 59000


Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review

The Mi 10 pro 5g there's no doubt that you're gazing upon a premium device is made of generally curved Gorilla Glass five, and it has a solid aluminium frame. Our 10 Pro is in a Solstice grey finish. For now the device comes strictly in matte colour options.

While it isn't so flashy, it still looks great when they hatch to the what the finish feels great to silky smooth. The phone is quite thin at the edges, and the sharpness adds a bit of grip as well, there's something missing here as a flagship and that's ip 68 dust and water resistance, there is some splash proofing design, but you don't get the same peace of mind you would with some competitors.

To me 10 Pro screen is curved to be symmetrical to the back panel, and it's protected by the same Gorilla Glass five is Intel 6.67 inch OLED with a tiny punch hole for the selfie cam up in the corner.

High refresh rate screens are all the rage these days, and the HDMI 10 Pro is fits the bill with this 90 hertz refresh rate. It makes moving elements seems silky smooth to the eye, the screen resolution however is only 10 dP, which isn't quite up to par with the competition. Nevertheless, everything looks pretty sharp blacks are super deep and you have lively colours, which can also be said to be quite accurate in settings. This display also has excellent brightness up to 510 minutes with a manual slider and up to 860, it's an auto mode when out in the sun. So on the visual side of things, the experience is great on this device with Xiaomi has taken care of the audio side as well with this dedicated stereo speakers, rather than having the earpieces one of the speakers here you get an identical speaker on the top and the bottom.

Of course, this means that they're well balanced in our tests, the sound quality was the best that we've had on a phone so far, the phone also scored very good and loudness

if you'd rather use headphones instead you work on a 3.5 millimetre jack here, a USB adapter should come in the retail package, or you can use USBC, or wireless headphones, unbuckling, anytime Pro is super easy. It uses the latest generation of under display optical fingerprint reader, and it responds lightning fast to the 10 pros interfaces Xiaomi has and ui 11 based on Android tag. The interface is quite clean for free, at least in our global version of the phone as you'd expect from Xiaomi there's no app drawer. So you're absolutely on the homescreen if you stick to this default launcher. There's a dark mode which looks snazzy. You also can save you some battery I don't know OLED display. You don't get expandable storage on this device. So you have to make do with what's on board. You do get plenty though with options for 256 or 512 gigs. There are also a couple of other features worth mentioning. There's an IR blaster which you can use to control clients as well. And there's also support for NFC for connectivity or mobile payments as a flagship you'd expect nothing less than cutting edge performance, and the new 10 Pro doesn't disappoint here. It runs on a Snapdragon 865 chipset, which supports full 5g connectivity benchmark performance is among the best out there, the gaming performance here is great, especially with games that support the 90 hertz screen refresh rate, and one of the phone does get warm after long sessions. We didn't notice any meaningful throttle powering all this is a large 4500 milliamp hour battery. It does an excellent job. The ni 10 Pro scored an excellent endurance rating of 101 hours and our battery life tests that was with the screen at 90 hertz dialling it down to 60 hertz resulted in a score of 105 hours.

The mi 10 Pro comes bundled with a laptop grade 65 watt USB C charger, even though the phone only supports up to 50 watts. Still we didn't have any problems, and we were able to charge from zero to 77% in just half an hour.

You also get support for fast wireless charging up to 30 watts, which you can achieve with one of shammies proprietary charging plans.

Camera Review:

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review

There's a 108 megapixel quad bear main camera. Then there are two telephoto candidates and eight megapixel five times one, a 12 megapixel two times one. Finally, there's a 20 megapixel ultra wide snapper with autofocus like we've done with some other phones with advanced camera systems. Here we'll have more of a camera summary and level four camera review in a separate video shots from the main camera come out in 25 megapixels. And these are simply awesome among the best we've seen from a smartphone yet.

Plus the sensors large size means that you get a shallow depth of field handy for taking some artistic looking shots.

As far as zoom goes to 12 megapixel two times telephoto it takes some flagship grade photos, which are not only high quality, but match the colours of the main camp shots. The other eight megapixel zoom camera provides five times zoom. Basically everything about these shots is great, except that deep down, we can't forget that the camera has a 3.7 times zoom and crops the centre of the sensor to achieve five times. At night, the main camera take some really impressive shots, even without night ground from closer examination however the details don't appear as sharp as the competition.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Price and Review

The same goes for the ultra wide cam at night, even more set.

And in general, the two times zoom was done digitally in low light, instead of using the dedicated camera. The five times zoom does work in low light, actually it's photos or grains, they're probably the best nighttime zoom shots we've seen yet selfies are taken with a 20 megapixel quad bear selfie cam. These are good, but nothing too impressive as far as sharpness is concerned, the meantime Pro has a tonne of video recording options, including the ability to shoot an 8k at 30 FPS with a mid cap. But even if you had a means to play it back in its native resolution, the 8k footage isn't that impressive detail wise, and it gobbles up storage like there is no tomorrow.

In contrast, 4k video from the main cam pro megapixel telephoto camera and ultra wide camera our grades, totally flagship more than the eight megapixel telephoto with a five times zoom can't be used to take video.