YouTube brings features like Tik tok

YouTube brings features like Tik tok
YouTube brings features like Tik tok

YouTube is working to bring rival services to the shorts called 'shorts'.  The service may be unveiled by the end of this year.

 Customers will be able to upload short videos on the shorts' mobile app feed just like Tiktok.  As well, there will be opportunities to add licensed music from YouTube Music to the video, IANS reported.

 Customers can use all of the music that YouTube has already licensed.  These music can be added to the video's soundtrack.

 After the success of Tiktak, several companies have competed to bring the short video app.

 Dom Hoffman, co-founder of Vine, a six-second video platform, has announced the launch of such an app called Byte.  Although Vine is turned off, many features of this service match the byte app.

 Facebook's proprietary Instagram has launched a video-music remix feature called 'Reels' to keep the competition popular.

 With the Reels feature, Instagram subscribers can share the music with 5 seconds of video as storage.

 Social media giant Facebook unveiled a separate app called 'Lasso' in November last year to compete with Twitter.

 Google has also launched its own short video app called Tangi aimed at creativity and 'Do It Yourself' space.  The app was created on Google's incubator called Area 129.