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Facebook is bringing apps just for broadcasting games
Facebook is bringing apps just for broadcasting games

If you are not addicted to video games, you may be surprised to know that there are many video clips on YouTube that are videos of other games.  There are a lot of spectators who are satisfied just watching other people's game without playing it themselves.  You will also find clips of all such video games on the streaming site Twitch.

 Facebook has decided that they will bring an app, not a site, which will only stream games and that app is coming on Monday.  In the beginning, this 'Facebook gaming app' is coming only for Android devices.

 A report in the New York Times on Sunday states that the app will soon be available for iOS users as well.  Apple's approval is required to do the job first.  The company is currently promoting its own cloud-based gaming platform.

 Users will be introduced to the new 'Go Live' feature through the app.  With that feature, users can upload game streams to mobile devices with just a few clicks.

 “Investing in games has been a priority for us since we saw it as an entertainment medium that connects people.  It's not a form of entertainment that is limited to indirect suffering, on the contrary it is creating communication and bringing people together. "  - says Fiji Simo, head of the Facebook gaming app.

 In the beginning, the Facebook gaming app will start its journey through some traditional games.  The primary focus will be on creating and showing the game's livestream.  In the beginning there will be no advertisement.

 According to a New York Times report, the service will depend on the ‘star’ rating system received from viewers.

 Some versions of the app have been tested by Facebook in Latin America and Southeast Asia over the past 18 months.
Netflix has got more than one and a half crore subscribers in lockdown
Netflix has got more than one and a half crore subscribers in lockdown
Netflix has got more than one and a half crore subscribers in lockdown

 The novel coronavirus is in fact going through quite a crisis in the technology industry and other industries.  Many organizations are suffering financially as there are instructions to stay at home to avoid infection.  The calculation has been reversed in the case of Netflix.

 The company has recently reported the first quarter of 2020.  The number of Netflix subscribers has increased in the lockdown.  During this period, the company has got one crore 70 lakh new customers.  The rate at which people spend time on the streaming site has also increased.  - News technology site Engadget.

 As a result of the increase in the number of customers, there is a risk of profit as well as negative impact.  Netflix estimates that the way the number of subscribers is expected to grow throughout the year will have a negative impact after the lockdown.

 Earlier, Netflix had said that it could get 6 million new subscribers in the first quarter.  The number of subscribers has more than doubled compared to that.  The company also said how many views Netflix could get in the next few weeks.

 According to Netflix, 'Tiger King: Murder' and 'Meham and Madness' could get 64 million views in the first four weeks, Ozark Season 3 could get 29 million views, Money Heist could get 65 million views and Spencer Confidential could get eight.  Quote 50 lakh views.

 Engadget says Netflix's 'Open Connect Caching' has helped reduce the pressure on network traffic after streaming increased.  Netflix, meanwhile, said it was working with the network to lift restrictions once conditions improved.

 Netflix currently manages its own customer management in a home-to-work setup.  The company has also appointed 2,000 new representatives who will work from a distance.
Security flaws on iPhone, iPad;  Millions of devices at risk
Security flaws on iPhone, iPad;  Millions of devices at risk

 San Francisco-based mobile security firm, has found security flaws on iPhones and iPads.  The company claims that about fifty million devices made by Apple are at risk.  Apple is working to fix the error.

 One of the clients of Jackups was the victim of a cyber attack late last year.  While investigating the incident, the company found a security flaw.  Chief executive Juke Abraham says at least six cyber security breaches have been exploited.  - Reuters news media.

 The security flaw was found in the mail app of iPhone and iPad.  An Apple spokesman confirmed that Apple has been informed about this.  He added that Apple has already made a 'fix'.  The fix will be delivered to the faulty device through the next update.

 However, Apple declined to comment on Jackups chief Abraham's research.  The research report was published on Wednesday.  If the report's claim is correct, it is possible to take advantage of that security flaw from a distance, and cybercriminals have already used the flaw to penetrate the devices of 'high-profile' users.

 In this context, Avraham said, he has found evidence of the presence of a malicious program that has been taking advantage of the flaws in the iOS mobile operating system since January 2017.  However, Avraham could not reveal anything about the identity of the hacker.  Reuters also failed to gather evidence in support of Abraham's claim.

 During the hacking, the victim was sent a blank email message through the mail app.  After opening the mail, at one stage the mail app crashes and the app has to be reset.  The hackers took advantage of the app crash and entered the device and snatched various data such as pictures and contacts.

 Jackups claims that hackers can take advantage of the error to hack data from even the latest iOS version of the iPhone.  They can access data from anywhere in the mail app that has access to the information, even confidential messages.

 At one time, Abraham was working as a security researcher for the Israeli Defense Forces.  His idea is that the hacking strategy is part of a chain malicious program, the rest of which has yet to be uncovered.  This allows the attackers to take full control of the device from a distance.  Apple declined to comment.

 Abraham said the Jackups client was the victim of such an attack late last year.  Avraham declined to be named, despite claiming the service was a North American technology company listed on the Fortune 500 list.  He added that employees of five other organizations in Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Israel had also been attacked.

 Abraham tried to find out the cause of the crash by collecting the 'Crash Reports' data.  Later, the hacking strategy caught the eye of the chief executive of Jackups.
16 people can be seen on Google Meet

16 people can be seen on Google Meet
16 people can be seen on Google Meet

 Google's video chat app 'Google Meet' will now support 18 people in Grid View.  The company confirmed the news on Wednesday.

 In the Covid-19 crisis, many have to work in quarantine and lockdown, away from home, to take part in institutional activities from afar.  Students' educational activities are also going on from home.  In such a situation, Google brought the update of Grid View.  - News technology site Senate.

 Google Meet will adjust the grid view to show active participants to everyone.  "Seeing more people at once can help improve the speed of large group meetings and classes."  - Google said in a blog post.  "It will give the feeling of sitting in front of a meeting sitting from a distance and encourage participation."  - Google wrote in a blog post.

 Currently only the web version of Google Meet has the 16 Grid View feature.  The update will be available to everyone from April 20 to May 1.  Google has confirmed that the feature will be available on other devices in the future.
'Samsung TV Plus' coming soon on smartphones

Samsung TV Plus' coming soon on smartphones
Samsung TV Plus' coming soon on smartphones

 South Korean electronics giant Samsung is also launching its own smart TV-based streaming service 'Samsung TV Plus' for smartphones.  A recent report by Gizmochaina found such a hint.

 Users in the United States and Canada will be able to use the service for free, streaming more than 100 channels on their smartphones via the Internet.  - Indian media quoted IANS as quoting Gizmochaina.

 The streaming service will be rolled out to users through the smartphone app, and only users of devices in the Galaxy series will get the service, according to reports.  Initially, the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy S20 handsets may come with 'Samsung TV Plus'.

 IANS has mentioned that users will be able to watch 'Video on Demand' content outside the live channel through the service.  The service will be able to stream channels like CBS News, Bon Apetit, Crime 360, Fuse, Kitchen Nightmare, The Design Network, Vivo, Yahoo Finance.
11 free YouTube shows for housebound customers

11 free YouTube shows for housebound customers
11 free YouTube shows for housebound customers

 YouTube is releasing 11 new original shows for free to provide some additional entertainment for the homeless due to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

  1.  In a tweet on Wednesday, YouTube chief Suzanne Ozsiki said: "As we spend more time at home, we're releasing 11 original YouTube shows for free to bring people together.  Some shows will teach you, some will make you laugh.  There is something for everyone on the list. ”

 One of the new shows is 'The Secret Life of Lily', according to IANS.  US internet star Lily Ponce has acted in it.  The show will air on May 19.

 Other shows include The Creator Games, Move With Me, Booktube and Create Together With Me.

 Netflix has already released several free documentaries on YouTube.  Netflix has released these documentaries so that teachers can show some content in their virtual classrooms.

 Other documentary films and series include Babies, Chasing Coral, Knock Down the House and Our Planet.

 In addition, YouTube is releasing some episodes of the 'Abstract and Explained' series, short story periods and content like End of Sentence, The White Helmets and Zion.
 LG's new phone is coming digitally

LG's new phone is coming digitally
LG's new phone is coming digitally

 LG will unveil the new flagship smartphone Velvet on May 7 this year.  The company has released a teaser video of the device on the Korean YouTube channel.

 The design of the device seen in the video is not like a conventional smartphone, which has already been hinted at.

 The device has a triple camera system.  This new style camera system is called 'Raindrop' triple camera system - news technology site Verge.

 This device, which is curved evenly on both sides, will probably have Qualcomm's Snapdragon 85 processor.  The device may also have 5G and headphone jack support.

 Due to the coronavirus epidemic, this time the device will be unveiled through a digital program by the South Korean company which manufactures electronic products.  The event will begin at 10 a.m. Korean time on May 8.

 There is no word yet on how much the device will cost or when it will hit markets outside of South Korea.

 LG announced the new phone a few weeks ago, showing a rendered picture to technology lovers.  The company has also mentioned that no more smartphones will come in the future as G brand and V series.  LG also decided that every phone that comes after Velvet will have its own name.
Samsung brings Apple Music to smart TVs

Samsung brings Apple Music to smart TVs
Samsung brings Apple Music to smart TVs

 Samsung has introduced Apple Music on their smart TVs.  With this new facility, Samsung TV customers in more than 100 countries will get the benefit of Apple Music directly on the smart TV.

 Lockdown is going on in many countries of the world to avoid the novel coronavirus.  At the same time, Samsung is adding various entertainment and health options to its smart TV platform.  The company has come up with Apple Music for the Samsung Smart TV models that came in the market between 2016 and 2020.  - News from Samsung Newsroom.

 According to Samsung, subscribers will be able to listen to music, watch music videos and play thousands of playlists without ads from a collection of more than 60 million songs.  "Our goal has always been to deliver the highest level of entertainment experience to consumers - now that people are spending more time at home, we are more committed to that goal," said Salek Brodsky, Samsung Electronics' strategic partner and vice president of business development.

 “Last year we were the first TV makers to come up with the Apple TV app.  Today we are the first in the list to bring Apple Music.  - says Brodsky.

 Those interested can download the Apple Music app from the Samsung Smart TV App Store.  Apple Music requires an Apple ID.  Samsung Smart TV owners will get Apple Music ‘free’ for the first three months with individual, family or student subscriptions.
Facebook is bringing broadcasting feature in exchange for visitors

Facebook is bringing broadcasting feature in exchange for visitors
Facebook is bringing broadcasting feature in exchange for visitors

 In the future, streamers will be able to broadcast in exchange for views on the Facebook platform.  In addition, the social media giant has announced to bring many features related to live video.

 In the next few weeks, Facebook users will have the opportunity to open an 'online-only' Facebook event and broadcast live on that event.  Facebook page owners and admins can also demand viewership from users for such live broadcasts.  - News technology site Engadget.

 Engadget commented that the facility will collaborate with musicians, comedians, culinary education, fitness coaching and various virtual event organizers.  Non-profit organizations can also collect donations in the process if they want, and the 'Donate' button can be added to the 'Live Stream'.

 Meanwhile, Facebook is bringing back the 'Live with Feature' again.  As a result, Facebook friends can also be invited to the event.  The feature of listening to audio only of Facebook Live Video has already come.  No problem if you don't have a Facebook account or are out of internet connection, you can listen to the live stream audio by calling the toll free number.

 This week, the Facebook gaming app has been brought for the game stream.  It will be possible to stream games from the Android device through the app.  Facebook is also bringing its own 'Stars' process for many countries and pages.  The Stars process is a lot like twitch bits.  The viewers can buy the star and give it to the streamers, the streamers get one cent for each star.

 Live video updates have also arrived on Facebook-owned Instagram.  Now it will be possible to stream live from the web version of Instagram.  Facebook brought the facility earlier this month.  Updates are also coming about saving the front stream.  In that update, live video of Instagram can be saved on IGTV, Engadget mentioned.
Facebook also in video conferencing: 'Messenger room' coming

Facebook also in video conferencing: 'Messenger room' coming
Facebook also in video conferencing: 'Messenger room' coming

 Facebook has competed with Zoom on the video conference question.  The US social giant is working to bring a video conferencing version of its messenger app, Messenger Room.

 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially announced the matter on Friday.  In a video call, Zuckerberg said the new service will be able to talk to up to 50 users at a time and will have no fixed deadlines.  - News from the US media CNN.

 Note that Zoom has the facility to talk to 100 people together.  However, that facility is only for 40 minutes.

 Meanwhile, CNN reported that even if you do not have a Facebook account, you can join the 'Messenger Room' video call.  In addition, people who do not have a Facebook account can be sent an invitation to join the video call.  The virtual background of the messenger room will depend on AI and it will be possible to rotate 360 ​​degrees that background.  According to Facebook chief Zuckerberg, this will take the experience to the "next step".

 The use of video calling services has recently increased in the context of the novel Coronavirus.  Many people have to work at home to avoid infection, in many cases have to stay away from friends, family, relatives.  During this time the reliance on video calling services for communication has increased.

 For now, ‘Room’ can be accessed through Facebook’s main platform and Messenger app.  The 'Messenger Room' service will also be available through WhatsApp and Instagram, CNN reported.  The service will be rolled out in several countries this week and worldwide in the coming weeks.

 Zuckerberg also said that the number of participants in WhatsApp video calls has increased from four to eight.  The update will come next week.  Regarding WhatsApp video calls, Zuckerberg said, "WhatsApp is the only end-to-end encrypted video calling service."
The technology of the Israeli company will recognize the masked face

The technology of the Israeli company will recognize the masked face
The technology of the Israeli company will recognize the masked face

 Wearing masks, goggles, and plastic shields, Israel's Corsite AI has developed technology that recognizes appearance.  The company has also received  50 million from the Canadian company AWAZ Ventures for the technology.

 Corsite said on Sunday that the money would be spent on marketing and development of the technology.  AVA Ventures, a Canadian company, is primarily funded in growth and security technology.  - Reuters news.

 In March, China's Hanwang Technology Limited introduced a similar technology.  The technology will also be able to detect the appearance of wearing a mask.

 Corsite said their official facial recognition system will process the footage captured by the video camera.  The technology will help warn people who are violating quarantine and who have gone out after the mask at that time.

 If an infected person is found in an organization, then it will be possible to know quickly who has come in contact with that person through this technology.  Corsite also said such technology systems are permanently installed in European airports, hospitals, Asian cities, South American police departments and border crossings, African mines and banks.

 The total number of employees of Corsite established at the end of last year is 15.  It is an organization of Cortica Group.  The Cortica Group has raised more than 70 million for artificial intelligence technology.
Telegram is also bringing secure video calling services

Telegram is also bringing secure video calling services
Telegram is also bringing secure video calling services

 This time the instant messaging app Telegram has announced the introduction of secure services in group video calling.  The service is expected to launch later this year.

 The Telegram said in a statement on Saturday, "Video calls in 2020 are a lot like messaging in 2013.  There are a lot of apps that are either secure or usable, but the two can't be found together. "  - News from Indian media IANS.

 The company did not specify the benefits of Telegram's video call service.  However, they have already promised that the app will pay attention to privacy issues.  Note that Telegram's messaging service is well known to technology lovers when it comes to security.  The app has been providing users with end-to-end encryption services since the beginning.

 According to the data provided by Telegram, there are currently more than 400 million users of Telegram app in the world.

 "The number of monthly Telegram users has reached 400 million, up from 300 million last year.  Every day at least 1.5 million new users are signing up to receive telegram services.  Features such as folder, cloud storage and desktop support make Telegram suitable for remote quarantine work and for teaching purposes. ”  - The company said.

 Last month, Telegram also introduced a new button called 'Discussion Button'.  With the help of that button, users can take part in chats of different group chats or restricted channels.
The new AirPods will arrive early next year

The new AirPods will arrive early next year
The new AirPods will arrive early next year

 Apple analyst Ming Aichi Kuo recently claimed that Apple will begin mass production by the end of this year with the aim of bringing third-generation AirPods in the first quarter of next year.

 Cuo added that even though the AirPod is coming next year, it will take more time for the second generation AirPods Pro to arrive.  Apple will start production at the end of next year.  As a result, the second generation AirPods Pro is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2022.  - News from Apple Insider.

 Apple could make nine crore sets of AirPods by the end of this year.  As a result, AirPods will come to five crore to five and a half crore units.  And AirPods Pro will come in three and a half to four crore units.  - Guess the well.

 However, the US tech giant Apple has not said anything about this now.

 The new AirPods will feature many of the features of the AirPods Pro.  However, in terms of price, the third generation AirPods will be more affordable than the AirPods Pro.

 Rumor has it that the new AirPods will come in the design of the AirPods Pro.  However, the noise cancellation feature of iPads Pro will not be available in AirPods.

 Apple usually announces the introduction of headphones at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference.  The company has canceled the event to be held in June this year due to coronavirus.  The event is scheduled to be held in a virtual event.  Multiple reports have claimed that the new accessory will be priced at 350.

Coronavirus: Amazon is making its own lab
Coronavirus: Amazon is making its own lab

E-commerce giant Amazon will create its own will be the owner of the workers' health care. The company's workers were attacked by the Kamaravaraus in 50,000 in the USA.

 There are also some other Amazon activists infected with the Naxervarius in some places. In this reality, the company said that they formed a group to build "the scale of the rising capabilities" - News BBC. Amazon has been criticized by the role of the organization before the role of the organization to take up the Chief of the Khopavairus.

 A staff of the New York Warehouse has also made a protest in demanding a defective system for security forces. In the march, the company has been terminated by the company. A

Amazon claimed to have a blog post, and more than one hundred changes have been brought in the process of addressing the Khouvavair. " The company claims, "Workers' mentions and mentor shops are being masked and the temperature of the workers is being measured." "The next step may be regularly examined, who do not have signs. In the world, all the industry sectors can keep the people safe with regular exams, as well as keeping the economy. " The company admitted that the test system is limited. So a team of staff has been formed to make its own lab. "We started to get the material that make the first lab and make an attention to some of the workers in front of us.

We are not sure how much we can go to the relevant time, we think it is enough to continue trying and we will learn how to learn it with others. " Recently, a report of Bloomberg has been claimed that the US Occupational Safe and Health Administration has investigated at least one establishment of Amazon due to not proper measures in the security of the workers.
YouTube brings features like Tik tok
YouTube brings features like Tik tok

YouTube is working to bring rival services to the shorts called 'shorts'.  The service may be unveiled by the end of this year.

 Customers will be able to upload short videos on the shorts' mobile app feed just like Tiktok.  As well, there will be opportunities to add licensed music from YouTube Music to the video, IANS reported.

 Customers can use all of the music that YouTube has already licensed.  These music can be added to the video's soundtrack.

 After the success of Tiktak, several companies have competed to bring the short video app.

 Dom Hoffman, co-founder of Vine, a six-second video platform, has announced the launch of such an app called Byte.  Although Vine is turned off, many features of this service match the byte app.

 Facebook's proprietary Instagram has launched a video-music remix feature called 'Reels' to keep the competition popular.

 With the Reels feature, Instagram subscribers can share the music with 5 seconds of video as storage.

 Social media giant Facebook unveiled a separate app called 'Lasso' in November last year to compete with Twitter.

 Google has also launched its own short video app called Tangi aimed at creativity and 'Do It Yourself' space.  The app was created on Google's incubator called Area 129.
This year, Facebook will recruit 10,000 workers
This year, Facebook will recruit 10,000 workers

While many organizations are thinking of staffing in the coronavirus epidemic, Facebook is considering hiring the opposite.  Facebook's chief operating officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg told CNBC on Thursday that they expect to hire an additional 10

,000 employees by the end of 2021 for their product and engineering department.

 "The hiring of our staff will be driven more aggressively," Sandberg said.

 CNBC journalist Scott Wopner told Sandberg that anyone in the corona situation would promise that Sandberg could promise that staff would not be trimmed.  In response, Facebook's chief management officer called for a new appointment.

 Sandberg said, “We are fortunate to be able to hire new ones.  We also have responsibility for our own staff.  But we need to walk the path of hiring new staff.

 Sandberg, however, did not specify whether Facebook would work on contractual terms or whether it would employ Facebook completely.

 Sheryl Sandberg announces the appointment of new staff in the wake of a growing number of unemployed people in the Coronavirus situation.  The US Department of Labor said on Thursday that more than 100,000 people have become unemployed in the country this week.  Last week, 100,000 people said they would lose their jobs.  Earlier in the week, 1 lakh 3 thousand people said that they would go unused in one week.

 Sandberg said they have taken several initiatives for small and medium businesses in the Coronavirus situation.  They plan to donate US $ 1 million to small and medium businesses.  In addition, they are working to reach users of the World Health Organization information.  Beyond this, Facebook is working to remove fake information from Facebook.
Huawei warns US companies
Huawei warns US companies

Beijing will not remain silent over Huawei's assassination, said a chief executive of Chinese technology firm Huawei.  He warned that if any further sanctions were imposed on the Chinese company, it would be answered.  Eric Yu, who was in charge of Huawei's current chairman, told CNBC on Tuesday.

 The top official of Huawei said that if the US government does not allow the country's institutions to produce chips for Huawei, an alternative will be found.

 The news agency Reuters recently reported that senior officials in the Trump administration are issuing new rules that require approval if US chip manufacturers make chips for Huawei using that country's machinery.

 According to a source, Reuters said the rule was being taken to prevent Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) from selling the chips to Huawei.  The company is working on making chips in Huawei's design.

 Reacting to the Reuters report, Eric Yu said that if such rules were implemented by the United States, Beijing would take counter-measures.  Once Pandora's Box opens, the chain will start a deadly chain reaction on the global ecosystem.  It will not just destroy Huawei.

 The US is arguing that China's 3G equipment is a threat to national security.  Yu said China may also ban its products in the Chinese market if they want the same device for US machines.  If Beijing takes counter-measures, it will have a profound global impact on the sector.  Huawei's death will also affect US institutions.

 Last year, Huawei was blacklisted by the United States and US companies were banned from trading with Huawei.  However, in some cases Huawei still has to allow equipment to be supplied.

 The US sanctions have impacted Huawei's earnings.  Huawei authorities announced on Tuesday their annual earnings announcement last Tuesday that their annual earnings were lower than their internal forecasts.
Skype's 'Meet Now' with video conference access
Skype's 'Meet Now' with video conference access

In the coronavirus epidemic, housemates are contacting their relatives through video calls.  Video calls have been seen increasing worldwide.  In this case the zoom app has become quite popular.  Another popular video call service, Skype, has emerged with a new feature to nurture that zoom.  The new Skype feature is called 'Meet Now'.

 Skype says that group discussions can be easily done using their Meet Now feature.  It also does not require download or signup of the app.  The user can create unique links in one click with Meet Now.  He can be invited to a video call by sharing the link with others.  Then groupball can be started easily.  All Skype features can be used during this video conference.

 According to a NDTV report, Skype started competing with Zoom by opening the Meet Now feature.  Since social distance is mandatory in some countries, apps like Zoom and HouseParty have suddenly become popular.  Meet Now feature users can create a unique link for free and invite them to a conference.  Others do not have to download Skype.  The link will open in the browser.  This link can be used anytime as there is no time limit.  Users can avail the entire service at no cost.

 The risk of unwanted hacking comes with the use of the Zoom app recently.  Zoom authorities say they have added new security features to make their software safer.
Samsung will put an end to LCD production this year
Samsung will put an end to LCD production this year

Samsung Display, a company spokeswoman on Tuesday, has decided to stop production of all LCD panels in South Korea and China by the end of this year.

 In October last year, Samsung Display reported that South Korea's two LCD production lines had been shut down due to demand for LCD panels, and supply problems.

 This year, the company said in a statement, "LCDs that are already in order will be delivered to the customers within this year without any complications."

 Samsung Display also said in October that the company would invest $ 12 million in factories and research to improve production lines.  With this investment for five years, an LCD production line in South Korea will be ready to produce a large range of 'quantum dot' screens instead of rows.

 Currently, there are only two LCD production lines in the factory in South Korea, with Samsung display.  And the two factories in China are used entirely in LCD production.

 The spokeswoman said Samsung had not yet decided what would be done in the future in these Chinese factories.
Apple may bring new iPhone this week
Apple may bring new iPhone this week

Apple may unveil new budget iPhone 5 or iPhone SE 2 in April.

 Although the device has not been officially unveiled, the device has already been spotted on the online retailer Best Buy's site in the US, IANS reported.

 A Best Buy employee shared a picture of an Urban Armor Gear Key Case with the new 5.2 inch iPhone 2020.  However, no device name was given in the case box.  These cases, along with other cases, were also provided to retailers, Mac Reuters said.

 Besides, the staff has been instructed not to show the cases till April 7.  It is speculated that Apple may unveil the budget iPhone later this week.

 It is expected that the new iPhone will be cheaper at a comparable price, similar to that of the iPhone 20 in the SE.

 Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo claims that the new iPhone will have three GB RAM, A3 CPU, 5 GB and 128 GB storage like the iPhone 5.

 The external design of this device may be similar to that of the iPhone 5, at 5.5 inches.