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Facebook is bringing apps just for broadcasting games
Facebook is bringing apps just for broadcasting games

If you are not addicted to video games, you may be surprised to know that there are many video clips on YouTube that are videos of other games.  There are a lot of spectators who are satisfied just watching other people's game without playing it themselves.  You will also find clips of all such video games on the streaming site Twitch.

 Facebook has decided that they will bring an app, not a site, which will only stream games and that app is coming on Monday.  In the beginning, this 'Facebook gaming app' is coming only for Android devices.

 A report in the New York Times on Sunday states that the app will soon be available for iOS users as well.  Apple's approval is required to do the job first.  The company is currently promoting its own cloud-based gaming platform.

 Users will be introduced to the new 'Go Live' feature through the app.  With that feature, users can upload game streams to mobile devices with just a few clicks.

 “Investing in games has been a priority for us since we saw it as an entertainment medium that connects people.  It's not a form of entertainment that is limited to indirect suffering, on the contrary it is creating communication and bringing people together. "  - says Fiji Simo, head of the Facebook gaming app.

 In the beginning, the Facebook gaming app will start its journey through some traditional games.  The primary focus will be on creating and showing the game's livestream.  In the beginning there will be no advertisement.

 According to a New York Times report, the service will depend on the ‘star’ rating system received from viewers.

 Some versions of the app have been tested by Facebook in Latin America and Southeast Asia over the past 18 months.
Netflix has got more than one and a half crore subscribers in lockdown
Netflix has got more than one and a half crore subscribers in lockdown
Netflix has got more than one and a half crore subscribers in lockdown

 The novel coronavirus is in fact going through quite a crisis in the technology industry and other industries.  Many organizations are suffering financially as there are instructions to stay at home to avoid infection.  The calculation has been reversed in the case of Netflix.

 The company has recently reported the first quarter of 2020.  The number of Netflix subscribers has increased in the lockdown.  During this period, the company has got one crore 70 lakh new customers.  The rate at which people spend time on the streaming site has also increased.  - News technology site Engadget.

 As a result of the increase in the number of customers, there is a risk of profit as well as negative impact.  Netflix estimates that the way the number of subscribers is expected to grow throughout the year will have a negative impact after the lockdown.

 Earlier, Netflix had said that it could get 6 million new subscribers in the first quarter.  The number of subscribers has more than doubled compared to that.  The company also said how many views Netflix could get in the next few weeks.

 According to Netflix, 'Tiger King: Murder' and 'Meham and Madness' could get 64 million views in the first four weeks, Ozark Season 3 could get 29 million views, Money Heist could get 65 million views and Spencer Confidential could get eight.  Quote 50 lakh views.

 Engadget says Netflix's 'Open Connect Caching' has helped reduce the pressure on network traffic after streaming increased.  Netflix, meanwhile, said it was working with the network to lift restrictions once conditions improved.

 Netflix currently manages its own customer management in a home-to-work setup.  The company has also appointed 2,000 new representatives who will work from a distance.
Security flaws on iPhone, iPad;  Millions of devices at risk
Security flaws on iPhone, iPad;  Millions of devices at risk

 San Francisco-based mobile security firm, has found security flaws on iPhones and iPads.  The company claims that about fifty million devices made by Apple are at risk.  Apple is working to fix the error.

 One of the clients of Jackups was the victim of a cyber attack late last year.  While investigating the incident, the company found a security flaw.  Chief executive Juke Abraham says at least six cyber security breaches have been exploited.  - Reuters news media.

 The security flaw was found in the mail app of iPhone and iPad.  An Apple spokesman confirmed that Apple has been informed about this.  He added that Apple has already made a 'fix'.  The fix will be delivered to the faulty device through the next update.

 However, Apple declined to comment on Jackups chief Abraham's research.  The research report was published on Wednesday.  If the report's claim is correct, it is possible to take advantage of that security flaw from a distance, and cybercriminals have already used the flaw to penetrate the devices of 'high-profile' users.

 In this context, Avraham said, he has found evidence of the presence of a malicious program that has been taking advantage of the flaws in the iOS mobile operating system since January 2017.  However, Avraham could not reveal anything about the identity of the hacker.  Reuters also failed to gather evidence in support of Abraham's claim.

 During the hacking, the victim was sent a blank email message through the mail app.  After opening the mail, at one stage the mail app crashes and the app has to be reset.  The hackers took advantage of the app crash and entered the device and snatched various data such as pictures and contacts.

 Jackups claims that hackers can take advantage of the error to hack data from even the latest iOS version of the iPhone.  They can access data from anywhere in the mail app that has access to the information, even confidential messages.

 At one time, Abraham was working as a security researcher for the Israeli Defense Forces.  His idea is that the hacking strategy is part of a chain malicious program, the rest of which has yet to be uncovered.  This allows the attackers to take full control of the device from a distance.  Apple declined to comment.

 Abraham said the Jackups client was the victim of such an attack late last year.  Avraham declined to be named, despite claiming the service was a North American technology company listed on the Fortune 500 list.  He added that employees of five other organizations in Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Israel had also been attacked.

 Abraham tried to find out the cause of the crash by collecting the 'Crash Reports' data.  Later, the hacking strategy caught the eye of the chief executive of Jackups.
16 people can be seen on Google Meet

16 people can be seen on Google Meet
16 people can be seen on Google Meet

 Google's video chat app 'Google Meet' will now support 18 people in Grid View.  The company confirmed the news on Wednesday.

 In the Covid-19 crisis, many have to work in quarantine and lockdown, away from home, to take part in institutional activities from afar.  Students' educational activities are also going on from home.  In such a situation, Google brought the update of Grid View.  - News technology site Senate.

 Google Meet will adjust the grid view to show active participants to everyone.  "Seeing more people at once can help improve the speed of large group meetings and classes."  - Google said in a blog post.  "It will give the feeling of sitting in front of a meeting sitting from a distance and encourage participation."  - Google wrote in a blog post.

 Currently only the web version of Google Meet has the 16 Grid View feature.  The update will be available to everyone from April 20 to May 1.  Google has confirmed that the feature will be available on other devices in the future.
'Samsung TV Plus' coming soon on smartphones

Samsung TV Plus' coming soon on smartphones
Samsung TV Plus' coming soon on smartphones

 South Korean electronics giant Samsung is also launching its own smart TV-based streaming service 'Samsung TV Plus' for smartphones.  A recent report by Gizmochaina found such a hint.

 Users in the United States and Canada will be able to use the service for free, streaming more than 100 channels on their smartphones via the Internet.  - Indian media quoted IANS as quoting Gizmochaina.

 The streaming service will be rolled out to users through the smartphone app, and only users of devices in the Galaxy series will get the service, according to reports.  Initially, the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy S20 handsets may come with 'Samsung TV Plus'.

 IANS has mentioned that users will be able to watch 'Video on Demand' content outside the live channel through the service.  The service will be able to stream channels like CBS News, Bon Apetit, Crime 360, Fuse, Kitchen Nightmare, The Design Network, Vivo, Yahoo Finance.