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Weather App Dark Sky Buy Apple
Weather App Dark Sky Buy Apple

Technology giant Apple acquired the popular weather app Dark Sky.  The Android and Wire OS versions of the app are shutting down in July.  So far no organization has disclosed the terms of the contract.

 Dark Sky says current users and registered customers of the app will receive the service by July 5.  After that the app will be closed.  At that time, active registered customers will be given refunds, according to IANS.

 The Dark Sky app is called the "Hyperlocal" weather prediction app.  The App Store's description says, "DarkSky is the perfect source for knowing about the weather. You can get precision every minute of it for exactly where you stand. It's magic!"

 More than 1 million downloads of Dark Sky's Android app on Google Playstore.

 In a statement on Tuesday, Dark Sky co-founder Adam Grozman said, "Our goal has always been to give the world the best possible information on the weather, to keep customers as dry and safe as possible, and to do so so that our privacy is protected."

 “There is no better place than Apple to meet that goal.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to make even more impact to more people, which we could never do alone, ”added Grossman.

 No changes will be made to the Dark Sky iOS app anymore.  Customers can still buy it from the App Store.

 It has also been reported that Dark Sky's website will be enabled to support API and iOS app customers.

 "There is nothing changing today for our API service customers, but we will not be taking any new signups," said Groseman.  The API will work until the end of 2021. ”
Facebook is expanding its 'Community Help' feature
Facebook is expanding its 'Community Help' feature

Facebook is seeing the 'unprecedented' demand for Coronavirus 'self-service' in reality.  And so maybe the company is encouraging users to help their neighbors.  The social media network is expanding the 'Community Help' feature to do the work.

 Facebook users will be able to help with vehicles, groceries, children's content and volunteer work by posting on the 'Community Help' feature after the new update.  Similarly, it will be possible to post without asking for help.  - News technology site Engadget.

 With the help of a filter, it is possible to find the desired help and find the one who is seeking help.  The page will also have a link to the fundraiser and Coronavirus Information Center on Facebook.

 Earlier, during a natural disaster, Facebook brought its 'Crisis Response' tool as a community help tool.  As it turns out, the 'community help' option has gone to Facebook in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

 Much has happened in the current coronavirus context.  The feature is already available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and France.  Many other countries are expected to roll out the "in the next few weeks" feature.
Samsung is giving smartphone to quarantine patients
Samsung is giving smartphone to quarantine patients

Samsung, like other tech companies, has joined the fight against coronavirus.  The company is donating smartphones and tablets in addition to funds, medicines, face masks, etc.

 South Korean electronics giant is giving smartphone to coronavirus victims in Quarantine.  And tablets are being donated to educational institutions.  - News technology site senate.

 "We are giving smartphones to patients in Quarantine so they can stay connected with friends and family, in addition to providing air purification and other supplies to hospitals and quarantine centers."  - Samsung said in a statement Wednesday.

 "We are giving tablets to educational institutions so that children can continue learning outside the classroom."  - The company mentioned in the statement.  Samsung has donated $ 20 million in financial and content support in the past, the company said.

 The global technology industry has changed because of the coronavirus infection.  Many organizations are shutting down their offices and shops for health reasons.  Traditional business activities, business trips have stopped;  Global supply chains are also being disrupted.

 Samsung had to shut down a South Korean factory for a short time in reality and Coronavirus had to shut down all its own stores.  Samsung has mandated temperature measurement and health tests for all employees.  Every day, the company has begun to cleanse everything deeply.

 At present, Samsung's engineer team has been involved with other South Korean engineers to create a face mask.  They are helping to increase production by improving the production process and factory draft.  - Samsung said.

 "Due to our efforts, the daily production of one of such companies has doubled."  - said Samsung.
Facebook is bringing the desktop version of Messenger
Facebook is bringing the desktop version of Messenger

Facebook unveiled the desktop version of the Messenger app on Thursday.  As a result, Facebook subscribers will have the opportunity to video chat directly on the computer screen.

 Messenger Desktop app for Apple's Mac and Microsoft's Windows operating system has been unveiled - Reuters reported.

 Much of the world is now blocked by the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus.  As a result, the demand for video calls has increased among the customers.

 In such a situation, millions of workers around the world are working at home, keeping in touch with isolated families.  Demand for videoconferencing apps like Zoom has increased for office work.  At that time, the social media giant company brought the Messenger desktop app.

 Facebook announced last year its plans to bring a desktop version of Messenger.  The announcement came when the company was instructed to make Messenger a separate organization.

 On social media, on Thursday, audio and video calling in Messenger increased by more than a hundred percent in the last month through desktop browsers.
Tesla's autopilot will understand the traffic lights
Tesla's autopilot will understand the traffic lights

Tesla autopilot feature will soon be able to detect road traffic lights.  A video shared on Twitter recently revealed such information.

 The video, shared on Twitter, showed that Tesla's autopilot feature slowed down to a halt after seeing a few green lights pass through the red light.  - News technology site Engadget.

 It is speculated that the next autopilot update may feature the Tesla car.  Currently Tesla can identify other cars on the road and last autumn the feature of 'Traffic No' has been introduced in Tesla Autopilot.  If in that mode, the electric powered car will automatically change the lane of the road to avoid 'traffic'.

 However, relying solely on features may not be right.  Users and groups like Consumer Reports have already raised questions about the features.  And the US 'National Transportation Safety Board' is directly blaming the autopilot design for an accident.

 Yet Tesla did not stop its advancement in bringing fully automated cars.  Earlier, Elon Musk said Tesla's automated cars would be built by 20, and by 2020, nearly a million robo-taxis would be seen on the road.
Facebook brings new live stream features to demand
Facebook brings new live stream features to demand

Facebook has introduced new livestream features in the face of huge demand.  In addition to the new features, the user will have access to the livestream even though there is no Facebook account.

 The netizens have long been keen to get this feature on live video.  Although Facebook has this feature on desktops, it has not been for mobile device platforms so far.  Meanwhile, the feature has come out for Android users.  The feature will be rolling out to iOS users "in the coming weeks," said Facebook.  - News technology site Engadget.

 Facebook is also planning to introduce new options for livestreamers called "public switch telephone".  With the option of live streamers you can reach out to those who are outside the scope of smartphone or reliable mobile data.  Interested people can listen to the live stream audio by calling 'toll free' instead of the new option.  There is also a new "Audio Only" mode coming.  If you do not watch the video through this mode, you can listen to the audio only Facebook users.

 Netizens have increased their presence in Facebook service in an "unprecedented" way because of the coronavirus epidemic.  Facebook said the company has to eat ice cream to keep its traffic healthy.  Countless people are turning to Facebook's messaging app to keep looking for love.

 Meanwhile, Facebook has reduced the quality of its video stream in Europe to reduce the pressure on the Internet.  Engadget reports that netizens will also help Facebook relieve the pressure on bandwidth if new audio is used online or in livestream call features.
Calling the Google Duo group can say up to 12 people
Calling the Google Duo group can say up to 12 people

From now on, the group call of the Google Duo Chat app will be attended by 12 people.  Earlier, a maximum of eight users could join a group call in Duo.

 The new update from Google Duo will help more people connect and maintain social distance.  Shanez Ahari Lemelson, senior director of product management at Google, confirmed the matter on Friday.  - News from Indian media, IANS.

 "Duo is helping users around the world connect with loved ones.  At this point we understand the importance of group calling.  We have increased the number of participants in group calling from eight to 12 today.  More to come. "  - said Lamelson.

 Note that in group chat, you can talk to up to 12 people on Apple's FaceTime together, 5 on Skype and 4 on the free version of Zoom.  And through the HouseParty app, up to eight people can speak in group calls.

 According to data from mobile app analytics company App Annie, the Coronavirus app has recently become very popular in reality.  HouseParty has risen from number one in the New Zealand rankings to six in six days.  As a result, Google Duo has increased the number of subscribers by up to 12, but still lags behind other similar services.

 Although the facility is currently available, it is not clear whether the duo call participant will be recaptured again after all is well.

 Meanwhile, Google has recently increased the number of its G Suite and G Suite subscriber subscribers to 25.

Coronavirus is actually taking many online teachers online.  Many people are experiencing problems due to lack of access.  Apple has extended a helping hand to teachers over the whole issue.

 The US tech giant is known for offering free mentoring services in the context of 'online tuition' to US teachers.  - News US USA Today.

 Teaching online and clearing themselves of current circumstances, says fourth-grader Sammy Rabandot, of Jackson County, Michigan, who says, "Our schools have enough education material, but we couldn't bring it home.  Many teachers need patience and understanding.  Many of them do not know what is really needed or what is in their hands. "

 Not only Rabindot, many other teachers have experienced the same problem.  And so Apple has put its 'education specialist' on the ground to solve the problem.  More than 100 education staff of the institute are working to prepare the virtual coaching process by talking to one teacher individually.

 "We are told to help with resources rather than teaching anything specific."  But the problem remains.  "Students are connecting through different devices, including computers, tablets, phones", so having to keep in mind when giving a piece of equipment, it can run on all devices or web-based platforms.  Again, not all teachers are so skilled at technology.  - explained by Rabindot.

 Apple has been arranging virtual sessions after sending mail to 'Apple Professional Learning' for problems getting Apple support.  If you have trouble sending mail, this can also be done through a phone call.  Experts are working to keep teachers' barriers in mind.

 Apple collected and released a video on Tuesday, answering the questions that are most likely to come to the Apple team from teachers.  Videos can help teachers solve many problems.
Zooming the app, Facebook will not get data
Zooming the app, Facebook will not get data

Zoom's iOS app was secretly sending subscribers information to Facebook.  The app's creator has stopped sending information to Facebook after updating the app.

 Indian media reported in a report to IANS that the company plans to remove the 'responsible' software development kit (SDK) from its iOS app in the latest update.  The app sends various data through the 'Login with Facebook' feature with the SDK.

 "We used Facebook's SDK in the 'Login with Facebook' feature," the company's spokeswoman said in a statement to the tech site Mac Reuters on Saturday.  Our goal was to give users access to the platform in alternative convenient ways.  We recently learned that unnecessary device data is being collected through the Facebook SDK. "

 He added.  "Zoom emphasizes the privacy of consumers.

"We are deleting the Facebook SDK and re-configuring the feature so that users can login via Facebook through the browser.  Users need to update the app to get the latest version and we urge them to do so. "

 Data collected includes when customers are launching the app, what type of device they are using, where they are staying, their mobile service provider and unique advertising data.  This type of data is used to create targeted ads.

 Many people are now home and working from home because of the coronavirus epidemic.  In the meantime the video conferencing app has become quite popular in the field of work and other social media.

  •  Zoom also offers several offers for teachers, students and those working from home.
Cybercrime is showing greed for older people
Cybercrime is showing greed for older people

Cyber-miscreants have begun cheating on older people who have been exposed to coronavirus.  In addition to showing the temptation to stay safe from Corona, they are robbing all of them tactfully by talking about helping the elderly.  Already, such frauds have increased in the UK, law enforcement members of the country said.  In the last five days, there have been six frauds in the country.

 Cyber ​​security experts say, from online shopping to Facebook messenger or online connection, fraudsters can cheat.  Miscreants are not offering these products online when confronting coronavirus-resistant equipment, including face masks, hand sanitizers.  Therefore, experts have forbidden to forget the smart advertising of a product online.

Helen Critchley, Manchester Police's cyber department official, said cyber-cheaters are showing different temptations targeting older people who have gone to Isolation.  The virus test kit is showing the temptation to deliver a variety of products, from necessities.

 A British monitoring agency called Whitch says all scams are being spread to target older people.  In a scam, miscreants are taking the opportunity to enter their homes as they measure the body temperature.  Then the opportunity is robbed of everything.

 Do not believe in online temptation, say cyber security experts.  If someone says you are in danger, do not send money online without checking.  Be careful about shopping online.  Do not let anyone enter the house in the name of Corona resistance.
WhatsApp Dark Mode
WhatsApp Dark Mode

One of the most popular platforms for communication around the world is WhatsApp, the add-on Dark Mode.  WhatsApp will be available to every Android and iOS users worldwide.  Updating WhatsApp is a popular feature.  In the meantime, many users have gone through the WhatsApp update through the Dark mode.

 To get WhatsApp Dark Mode updates on Android phones, first update WhatsApp on the Google Play Store.  If there is no update option, you may need to wait for some time.  Go to Android WhatsApp Settings and click on Display Brightness option.  This is where you will see the Dark mode option.  Still those who are using Android Nine, first have to go to WhatsApp settings, then click chat, then go to Theme option and select Dark mode option.

 IOS 7 users will get the latest WhatsApp updates on the iPhone.  After making the latest update on the App Store, go to Phone settings and tap on Dark mode in the Display Brightness option.
 Using the Dark mode will ease the eyes.  WhatsApp authorities say the Dark Mode saves the phone's battery.  It has been tested several times before the Dark mode is exposed, causing various eye pain and eye problems while the display is white.  Which in this case is very less likely in the Dark mode.  Daytime screen brightness can be reduced very easily.

 According to technology experts, the Dark Mode theme helps to keep the charge of the smartphone longer than other themes.  Apart from this, the pressure on the eyes due to looking at the phone for a long time, and this feature greatly reduces.  This dark mode also helps to reduce the pressure on the RAM of the smartphone.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

by on March 22, 2020
WhatsApp Dark Mode One of the most popular platforms for communication around the world is WhatsApp, the add-on Dark Mode.  WhatsApp w...
Google Advice on Corona Prevention
Google Advice on Corona Prevention

Coronavirus is the epidemic of pandemics around the world.  The virus has killed more than 6,000 people so far.  The number of people affected is constantly increasing.  Popular search engine Google has given people five simple tips to get rid of Corona.  Recently, Google authorities suggested five simple things to do in a tweet message.

1 Wash hands frequently.  Keep your hand as low as possible.  When sneezing or coughing, fold the elbow and cover with the front of your mouth.  The chances of others being infected will be somewhat less.  Avoid putting your hand in your mouth.  Keep the foot at least 3 feet away from the other.  If you feel ill, do not go out of your home under any circumstances.  Google believes that compliance with these factors will help to prevent coronavirus.

 In addition to suggestions, Google is building a special website for coronavirus testing.  You can check your own coronavirus by entering this website.  Donald Trump has praised Google for its efforts to combat coronavirus.  He thanked Google, saying that Google authorities made it a reliable place to test for health problems in combating coronavirus outbreaks.  Google has many engineers working on the project, and their success will be written in gold in the history of the world.

10 thousand years of account that is on 1 minute! US multinational companies Hanwell announced to bring strong quantum computers than Google and IBM. This organization was known for the Thermostat for the long. The type of feature of Haniwell is about to finish the 10th year with 10 minutes of the minimum of the minute. In October last year, Google told the construction of the Quantum computer. Google's claims, their computer can do 10 hours of account at less than two minutes. Haniwell announced, Google will be able to exceed IBM, their computer will be the most powerful accounting instrument of the world. Technology is not blowing Hanawel Declaration. Walletur Quantum Computing Institute's cooperation Michelle Moska said to a technology website called Caniadi, who is a difficult task to leave IBM. But Haniwell is a serious system of some human syringes. They are not saying this year after three years or more. Just gave up for three months. I have respect to them. I do not even sleep. Hanawell started working with Quantum Computer and decade ago. They did not know anything so long. The fundamental unit of Quantum Computer is called Cubbs. To use it, Haniwell is using tapped-ion or charged atomic technology. This technology is not as advanced than IBM or Google. But Haniwell says, after exposing our computer will be the most powerful computer in the world. Quantum Volume will be at least 64. Which doubles the other company In January, IBM informed that 53-QUUKU quantum computers reached their volume 32.

If you want to find something in the net world, just Google?  Just one profile on Facebook?  And e-mail still only understand Gmail?  Then a great world of the net world remains in you.  Because Google Facebook also has options.  Faisal Abdullah reports

 But they know who your friends are, who they talk to, what they like to eat, where they are going and where they come from.  They also said again, don't tell anyone your personal information.  Of course, even if they say something in the face, you won't understand it.  Who are they  Your most popular Facebook and Google.  Your every search, every post, like, message, comment on the fingernail.  Those who want to take your personal life can write a few volumes of autobiography!

 Not long ago, a political advisory called Cambridge Analytica was accused of misusing people's personal information.  Facebook will be fined $ 100 million for working hand-in-hand with the company.  If this is the case, then the way?  There are options.  Instead of giving up everything you have in the hands of a large organization, you can choose some companies that will not do what you want with your personal information.  Because small companies do not have the ability to pay billions of dollars in fines.

 There are countless alternatives to Facebook.  However, the small popular site is the social site Io  This site will not hand over your information to advertisers as Facebook buys consumer.  It has a 'blockchain' system.  So your profile will not be able to infect any unwanted virus.  Beyond this you will get all the options like messenger and wall post on this media.

 There are sites like ''.  Its popularity is increasing day by day.  Basically, those who are involved in one of the art forms create a profile here.  This social networking site is all about drawing pictures, graphics design, movies.

 There are more minds of different minds (  Profiles, timelines, pictures, message exchanges - it's all there.  However, it is an open-source code site.  That means its codes are open.  It encourages you to do your own basic blogging.  MeWe is an app.  There will also be personal privacy.  You can also use social media like vero and diaspora.

 On the other hand, there is no less than Google.  Occasionally, news of Google's billions of dollars has been reported in foreign media.  Whatever the organization may say in its own right, there is no barrier to using alternatives?  There is 'DuckDuckGo'.  The site was created by Gabriel Weinberg.  The site came from the idea that spammers might not crowd out search results.  The site is now searching for information five billion times a day.  Your search or any other information on this site will not be submitted.  You will get the results you are looking for.  It will not show the advertised site with your preferred product in mind.

 Andy Yen, founder of ProtonMail
 'People want privacy in the services they use online.  And for that they want a simple technology.  DakDakgo Search collects results from various sources.  And so it is easy to present relevant information.  It does not require the user's search history or profile information to be stored. ”Said Daniel Davis, the site's communications manager.

 Another feature of the site is that the ad is displayed but does not use the information stored on the user's PC or laptop.

 For the same reason, you can use 'Firefox' or 'Brave' as an alternative to Chrome.  Brave is a relatively new browser.  Even then it has monthly users of 1 million.  The browser is gaining popularity for those who care about the security of personal information.  It turns out they are using 'protonmail' instead of Gmail.  Free e-mail service subscribers but two crore!  Because that's the one - privacy.  E-mails that are sent to and from ProtonMail are encrypted.  That means the ProtonMail staff won't even know what's in it before you reach the person you mailed.

 Corona is shaking in panic around the world.  The virus is the worst hit in Europe after China.  More than ten thousand people have been affected in the area.  It has also spread to other countries.  All countries are trying to deal with Corona.
 Companies like Alibaba, Shaomi and Opo are coming forward to fight Corona.  They are distributing masks in different countries.  Institutions are also sending coronary examination kits to the country.  The company is also donating medical equipment and funding.

 Opo is sending 3 million masks to Italy, France, Japan, Spain and Germany.  Apo's competing smartphone maker Shaomi sends an FFP-3 mask to the Italian Civil Protection Department.  However, it was not known what amount was sent.

 Last Friday, China's billionaire and Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma announced he would distribute 2 million masks across Europe.  He also announced that he would help the United States.  In the United States, he will send five million Corona test kits and one million masks.

 Chinese tech companies are also quick to help when coronavirus outbreaks spread rapidly.  Many organizations provide many medical equipment.  They help the Chinese government with software, robots and even drone services.  And this time the virus has started to spread all over the world, they have extended a helping hand all over the world.

Coronavirus is spreading in the United States like any other country in the world.  More than 4,000 patients with coronavirus have been identified in this country.  The number of people infected with the virus has dropped to six.  That's why Corona's terror has spread in the country.  Even NASA, the epicenter of aerospace research, is terrified.  That's why NASA chief Jim Bridestai called on NASA staff to work from home.

 Corona was reported at three NASA space centers.  Last week, an employee of NASA's Ames Research Center was infected with the virus.  Work staff home has been provided to all the staff of the center.  The US space research agency, NASA's two employees were found coronas, now there is a terror.  According to news agency sources, two researchers working at two NASA centers have been instructed by staff to 'work at home' to pull the rush of infection soon after the test results have come positive.

 NASA Director Jim Bridenstein said there was no news of an attack anywhere except these two centers.  As a result, they can work at their centers.  In Jim's words, we're calling it 'Stage Three'.  In this situation NASA employees will have to work from the telecommunications or from home.  The staff can take home all the necessary equipment for this.

 Meanwhile, the United States has begun experimental application of lethal coronavirus antibodies.  Excerpt from National Institutes of Health in the United States.  The vaccine will be applied to 4 patients with coronary disease at an early stage.  After this the patient will have a change in the body and whether there are any side effects of the drug, the next decision will be taken after checking.
Coroner deleted the news and blamed it, and later confessed to Facebook

 Social media Facebook deleted some news yesterday.  At the same time, the notification was sent that the news did not go with the Community Standards.  But later the news was returned.

  News about this has been reported on Twitter, writing and technology websites.  In some posts posted on Twitter, Facebook authorities sent a notification that their news community did not meet the standard.

 Many say Facebook authorities are unable to function properly due to coronavirus.  Such a problem when working with robots.  Facebook authorities have rejected the matter though.

 Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen said in a tweet, "We worked on this, which is an error in the anti-spam system, not related to the staff in charge of our half-test.  The posts that were removed have been returned, he said.

 Later in another tweet, he said that the news had not been removed because of the post about the coronavirus, they had been returned.  This problem was caused by some automated tools.  None of the staff in charge of the halfway test did it.  Too many posts were removed by mistake.  They were later fixed.

China's national health commission included City Quantification as 'Clinical Diagnosis Standard' in the identity of the people of the Evamilia. In this case, the Health examination has been started in China's Hubei province recently in diagnosing and treating. After the spread of Kold-19, China's Hujong Bengal science and technology company, who started working with Chinese and economic products, including China's Higayn Genes and Technology, and working with Lanoon Technology to improve the quantitative medical image analysis service in the diagnosis and treatment. The whole process is used in artificial intelligence or AI. In a notification, Huawei said that one of the most effective methods of recognizing and danger-based people, the 'Cup Quantification' is that the help of the effective evaluation of the diagnosis and disease conditions. Huawei Cloud has evaluate multiple potimonary ground glasses of the Valus and Girl Glass Gastle OPCSIT (SGO-S) and the patient's lungi 'report' in the victims of the Picture Patmonary Ground Glass Gastle (CGO-S) and the patient's 'citi'. It is also said in the notification that the identification of the hospital is registered with artificial intelligence. As well as AI can make multiple health exams in the short period of quality and analyzing information, which helps the patient to give the right treatment on the basis of proper evaluation of the disease. Huawei says, after the inauguration of 'coped -19', many lamps that have been caused by lungs and the rapid changes in that wounds are needed to do the same test within a short time. As well as repeatedly, the lung image needs to be reviewed. As a result, the work of imaging doctors has increased significantly. But the big news is that, in the imaging doctors who are perfectly diagnosed to diagnose 'Kolid-19' and the amount of disease, and the number of their numbers is not adequate. Huwai Cloud, Honga Cloud, working with the development and economic medical analysis of the quantity of the Kald -19 'and in the development of quantities-based image analysis services in the development and treatment of the Koad -19' and the treatment of the Koad -19 'and the treatment of Hojoj Claudes. Like the use of Horizo Cloud's artificial intelligence technology, like the use of Computer Vision and Medical Image, they are automatically publishing, the properly appropriately, and the quote of the Queenfilation 'results in the image. It was removed that the efficient imaging doctor's supervision was done. Huawei says that this new service of Huawei Cloud will be used to provide the quantities of any sample in a few seconds of the Ai Chip of Aua Chip, a few sides.

WhatsApp comes with the ability to delete a message for a specific period of time.  This is a popular feature of Snapchat, the popular messaging app.  Now WhatsApp authorities are going to add the same feature as Snapchat.  Such messages will be automatically deleted after the specified time.

 According to the technical website WABTA Infor Report, the new experimental version of WhatsApp will have a feature called 'delete message' in the private chat option.  In previous versions, WhatsApp added such settings for group chat.  This time, they are also launching this feature for personal interaction.

 When opening a personal profile on WhatsApp, new options will be displayed over encryption.  Clicking on it will bring up a new popup.  From here you can schedule a time for sending a message.  This option has the option of automatically deleting the message from one hour to one year.  When this is enabled, the receiver will see a clock icon.

 WhatsApp is going to launch this feature experimentally.  After understanding the user's reaction to the whole matter, WhatsApp can officially open it to everyone.

Many have begun working from home to work due to the infection of coronavirus (Covid-1).  The messaging app has added an added benefit for employees to continue their day-to-day work at home.  The company recently said it would increase the number of participants in the Viber group call to double.  According to the new facility, 20 people can now attend the call together.

 Experts advise not to go to the big gathering to be safe from Corona.  Large companies are more likely to work in group calls online to avoid risk.  So more people have to be added to a call.

 "It's good not to go to the big gathering during these adverse times," said Ofher Yal, CEO of Vibor.  Viber is working to connect everyone through the group.  Many people are conducting their activities remotely due to coronavirus infection.  The vibe is adding extra benefits for people to be able to connect with their loved ones in a safe and secure environment and manage their daily activities.

 According to a Viber notification, up to 25 MB files can now be shared directly through this app.  Users can easily share links to Viber Chat Cloud Services for large file sharing.  The desktop version of Viber also supports chat and group calling.